Comprehensive online lottery website comparison

Price per bet

On CongaLotto it is just possible to play minimum 5 tips. These costs 30 Euro which means that one tip costs 6 euro. We think that this price is too high! One Euromillion ticket on with one draw and 5 tips costs 11, 75 euros. The difference is too huge! Therefore we prefer

Hidden costs

We found no hidden costs on the website. We tested the purchase as well as the terms and conditions and the FAQ’s. There is no information about some extra costs.


Too Bad. There is no special Bonus program on Congalotto. No welcome bonus, no classic refer your friend. Therefore we won’t recommend this website to anyone. It’s much better to visit a Website which offers you the money-back guarantee, or refer a friend or a chance to win some extra Bonus.


Really bad support. The Live-Chat, which is offered is most of the time offline. Instead of that you can use the FAQ’s, and you can also send an E-Mail to the company. For this is an e-mail form available on the website.


Excellent security with the encryption service of Godaddy. So don’t worry about your personal data, everything is securely stored and won’t come into wrong hands.

Easy of use

From the design, the website looks really nice, but there is a lack of information. The loading time of the Website is fine, also the registration is easy. On this site you can play many lottery-games. You can display the website in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish and Russian.

Country of origin

Country of origin is - like at the most other websites - Cyprus. Cyprus is a tax heaven, so many companies are registered there, but most of them are fake PO Box companies. Often you can’t find an address or anything. And if there is an address you mostly can’t do anything with it. Always be careful here. We recommend companies from the European Union.