Comprehensive online lottery website comparison

Price per bet

The bet with 2, 35 euros is really acceptable. If you look closer, you can see that to every ticket a fee of 0,50 euros is added. Therefore the price is about 2, 85 euros. At the moment they only accept Visa and Mastercard. But the user should know that this price is just for the Euromillions ticket and that there is no AT-Joker included.

Hidden costs

Yes, we found some hidden costs on this website. If you win on Lottery24, you have to pay 5 percent handling fee. This fee will just be charged for large profits.


Refer your friend and you both will get a free lottery ticket. If the friend wins more than 10,000 pounds you get 1 percent of the winning. There is also the new customer bonus, which means that you get 5 euros when you sign up at Lottery24. And as a little present, you will get a 5 euro voucher on your birthday.


As support service, the user can choose from E-Mail, FAQ and terms & condition. Just ask or read, some employee will quickly help you.


Your private data, which you enter at the registration is securely stored. In no case, your private information will be forwarded to third parties or anything else! On Lottery24 your data is encrypted with Thawte SSL. As the banner on the website says: “Online-Security, trust us like all the other millions around the world!”

Easy of use

The website looks great and well structured. Also the handling is fine. Also the registration is easy and fine. But if you still have some problems or troubles at the website, there is a great support-team which can help you. Loading time is okay, no annoying hanging or waiting. You can load the website in 3 different languages: English, German and Spanish.

Country of origin

Lottery24’s country of origin is really strange. The company address takes place in Belize, a Country in Central America. We think that there is something wrong. Attention!