Comprehensive online lottery website comparison

Price per bet

The bet on is 4.50 Euro, which is ok. On the website you can choose from 11 different lottery products. Accepted here is: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Neteller and Ukash.

Hidden costs

Also here we found some hidden costs. If you win more than 1000 Euro, the website takes 10% of your winning.


As a special offer they have the „refer a friend“campaign. Additionally they offer voucher codes for their products and also gift vouchers.


On the website, the support is one big important part. On the main page there is a chat, so you can directly talk to a person from the support center. There are also some FAQ’S, terms and conditions, Hotlines, separate email addresses for incorrect bookings and general questions.


Also PlayEuroMillions is using a specific encryption service. So your private data, which you enter at the registration and at the ticket purchase, is securely stored. Encrypted is by Rapid SSL. So don’t worry about your data.

Easy of use

Cons: Website looks very full. Too much information.
Pros: The design is really great. Modern, cool colours and a nice font.
Even a small "intro movie" is displayed on the main page, which contains the necessary information and detail told about PlayHugeLottos. Also, the site structure looks fine. The page can also be displayed in various languages (English, German, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, African English, Polish, Portuguese, Russian) The registration for a private account is, like on the other websites very easy. The loading time is very quickly, like at the most websites. Also at the registration everything is smoothly.

Country of origin

PlayHugeLotto's company is based in the UK. This shows that the company is ever legitimate. Not like other companies which are based in Belize and Cyprus. Therefore, do no worry about your privacy.