Comprehensive online lottery website comparison

Price per bet

We thought that the price on can't be topped. But then we checked the prices on WinTrillions. We just checked the prices for the euromillions ticket. For these you just can play a minimum of 6 draws. This Tip then costs 37 euros!! Which means that one single tip is about 6, 16 euros. They accept the international credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Also: Delta, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, JCB, Western Union and the classic Bank transfer.

Hidden costs

No hidden costs. We couldn’t find some of these extra costs, not at the purchase and also no reference in the terms & conditions or in the FAQ’s.


If you buy something on WinTrillions, you will get some bonus points. So the website has its own bonus program. The more points the better. You can use all the points for a discount on the purchase or you can even get a ticket for free. And they also have the classical “refer a friend” Tell you friends about the website and you both will get a free ticket. Furthermore they have a gift voucher, you can choose between a private gift or a business advertisement.


Again – the Support is really great. There are helpful FAQ’s and a “how does it work” section. Also the “Contact us” and the imprint is informative.


Excellent security with the encryption service of Godaddy and Seal McAfee. So don’t worry about your personal data, everything is securely stored and won’t come into wrong hands.

Easy of use

The whole appearance of the website, the loading time, registration, everything is fine. The page is available in many different languages: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Danish, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Korean and Latvian.

Country of origin

Same as TheLotter. The location of WinTrillions is officially Cyprus. This country is known for his tax haven. There are loads of post-box companies which are registered in Cyprus, but can’t be found there. We did not investigate if WinTrillions is also one of those companies. Each player should take care and should be aware of the company with which he is concluding a contract.